How Having a Great CSR Program Can Help with Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on integrating environmentally friendly practices into the workplace and creating a positive impact on the customers and employees. An increasing number of companies are starting to adopt CSR into their business strategy, job applicants are also shifting their approach towards their careers.

Today candidates want to work for organizations which are committed to preserving the environment and contributing positively to their communities. A study conducted in 2012 called “What Workers Want” concluded that employees who have an opportunity to make positive environmental or social impacts at work are more satisfied by a factor of 2:1. Employees want to ensure that their potential employer is practising the same corporate citizenship practices which align with their values.

Millennials will make up a large number of workforce in the next decade, and 72% of them want “a job where they can make an impact.” They prefer to work for socially conscious, innovative and sustainable companies. They are involved in charities and are volunteering for environmental and social causes across the globe. Companies would lose out if they don’t emphasize their CSR achievements when recruiting candidates. CSR initiatives contribute to hiring quality candidates and have a positive impact on their commitment and motivation.

Productive Employees-
By being environmentally conscious, organizations are implementing policies which preserve the Earth’s natural resources. Adept candidates want to work for companies who are playing their part in saving the planet and giving back to the society. They want to feel proud of where they work; research shows that an invested employee is less likely to look for opportunities elsewhere. Gallup study survey found that engaged employee is worth more per year (an estimated $3570). Employees feel emotionally invested in the company and are more inclined to perform highly in their new role.

CSR- Tool for Hiring-
It takes a significant amount of research and time to find a valuable candidate for your company. Many firms don’t have the resources to hire and train new employees more than once a year. Corporate Social Responsibility is a unique tool for hiring employees who are passionate about corporate citizenship. It can be used to measure a candidate’s emotional intelligence and value structures. Hiring managers can then compare every candidate’s values and emotional intelligence patterns with that of top performers to determine candidate’s likelihood of success.

Reduced Costs
CSR enhances a company’s reputation as a sustainable and responsible entity and improves communication with your employees and customers. It helps you engage with them through social media which generates free publicity through positive word-of-mouth, so you don’t need to spend so much on expensive advertising campaigns. It also provides more hiring choices for the organization which ultimately means more talented workforce. It also helps with retention as engaged workforce leads to lower employee turnover.

Positive Work Environment
Prospective candidates want to work for a company that focuses on creating a healthy and productive work environment. This can be achieved through CSR which maximises your company’s resources and retains top talent by making them feel comfortable within the work environment. Companies which actively implement CSR activities will resonate with the more socially responsible candidate pool thus helping in recruiting the right candidates successfully.

Happy Communities-
CSR encompasses the entire interaction of a company with its stakeholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the local community. By keeping an open dialogue with your local community, a company can create a healthy relationship which can provide considerable support over the years.


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